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 Q. What are rules of the multiplayer game?
 A. When you supress more than one line an once, some lines appears at the bottom of your opponents playfield.
  • If you supress 2 lines, your opponents got 1 line.
  • If you supress 3 lines, your opponents got 2 line.
  • If you supress 4 lines, your opponents got 4 line.
Those lines have random number of holes in them, so they make life for opponents harder. Who exactly gets those lines (if you play with more that one opponent) depends on your network game settings.
P.S. Members of your team never receive lines from you.

 Q. How can I duel computer in multiplayer game?
 A. The simplest way is choosing Mode->Human vs computer. Alternatively run additional instance of QuadrOs and join network game with player name like "ComputerX", where X is the desired speed of computer opponent.

 Q. Can I make pieces rotate in the different direction?
 A. Click Options - Design & controls in main menu and swap rotate keys.

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